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CGNTV America Interview

On April 7th, our CEO of GCS, Joseph Wonsik Im, shared his inspiring story on the 124th episode of CGNTV's program, "The Calling". He is a surviving victim of the 4.29 Los Angeles Riots as well as a miraculous terminal cancer survivor who has been entrusted with leading Grace Community Service. To hear his full story, see the video below.

지난 4월 7일에는 CGNTV "The 부르심" 프로그램에 은혜봉사쎈터(GCS)의 쎈터장이신 임원식 장로님의 간증이 방송되었습니다. 4.29 폭동의 희생자로서 또한 말기암에서 기적적으로 치유받고 어떻게 은혜봉사쎈터를 맡으시게 되었는 지의 감동적인 스토리를 들어보세요!

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